Hungry in the UK? Discover Who Delivers Food Near Me

Hungry in the UK Discover Who Delivers Food Near Me

Food delivery services have revolutionised how we enjoy meals in the United Kingdom. Whether you are seeking the convenience of a quick takeaway, the flavours of your favourite restaurant, or even groceries delivered to your doorstep, numerous platforms cater to their culinary desires.


Deliveroo is a popular food delivery platform in the UK known for its vast dining choices. By partnering with local restaurants, it offers an array of cuisine options, providing both convenience and variety to its users. Quick delivery times and a user-friendly app make ordering seamless and efficient. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the platform’s delivery fees, which can accumulate and increase the overall cost of your order. Deliveroo’s availability may be limited in certain areas, limiting accessibility for some users.

Just Eat 

Just Eat is a versatile food delivery platform that connects to various restaurants and takeaways, offering a diverse culinary experience. One of its standout features is the addition of user reviews and ratings, allowing you to make informed choices when placing your order. Frequent promotions and discounts are also part of its appeal, helping you save money on your favourite dishes. However, it’s important to note that service fees may be associated with your order, which can add to the overall cost. During peak hours, delivery times may also be subject to delays.

Uber Eats 

Uber Eats extends the well-known rideshare service, offering local and chain restaurant delivery. This platform includes features like real-time order tracking and a convenient app that seamlessly integrates with other Uber services. While it provides a user-friendly experience, it’s worth considering the potential extra delivery charges, which can impact your overall expenses. Additionally, the food quality may vary depending on your chosen restaurant, as some establishments may have inconsistent standards.


FoodHub is a food delivery platform that stands out for its exclusive deals and a growing network of diverse cuisine options. This platform can be an ideal choice if you want to explore new dining experiences. However, it’s essential to be aware of its limited coverage, as it may not be accessible in all regions. Like other food delivery services, delivery times can fluctuate, especially during busy periods, so it’s beneficial to plan your orders accordingly.

Local Restaurants’ Websites and Apps

Ordering directly from local restaurant websites and apps supports local businesses and often offers unique dishes. You can communicate specific requests more quickly. Nevertheless, these options might have a limited delivery radius, restricting accessibility, and they may lack aggregated user reviews and ratings, making it challenging to gauge the quality of their offerings.

In short, food delivery near me platforms offer numerous benefits, such as convenience, variety, and user-friendly interfaces. However, considering drawbacks such as delivery fees, potential delays, and quality variations is essential when choosing the most suitable platform for your culinary needs in the UK.

24-Hour Food Delivery:

If you are searching for 24-hour food delivery near me, head to Express 24 on the DeliverCart platform. They have a wide variety of snacks, drinks, fresh food, bakery items, and much more to satisfy your cravings at any time.

Placing an order with DeliverCart is a breeze. Visit the website or app, create an account, and shop at various stores. Add your desired items to the cart, select a convenient delivery time, and finalise your order. Soon, their personal shoppers deliver their items right to your doorstep.

24-Hour Food Common FAQs

What food delivery is open 24 hours?

In the UK, 24-hour food delivery services are relatively limited compared to standard operating hours, typically during the daytime and early evening. However, If you are in Birmingham, Express 24 on DeliverCart offers the best delivery service that operates 24 hours a day. They have a vast product range, including medicine, drinks, snacks, bakery items, groceries, rolling papers, lighters, pet food, and more. Just simply visit the website.

Who is delivering food near me?

Several food chains offer online delivery services, depending on your location. But, popular stores like Express-24 are available on the DeliverCart platform in Birmingham. DeliverCart personal shoppers ensure quick delivery to your doorstep in as little as 60 minutes.

What food delivery is 24 hours? 

Food delivery platforms that operate 24 hours a day are rare in the UK. Some local fast-food chains or select takeaways in significant cities may offer late-night delivery options, and availability varies by location. But In Birmingham, you can rely on Express 24, available on DeliverCart, to provide a 24-hour food delivery service.

What delivers near me? 

To find out what food delivery options are available, you can use their popular food delivery apps or websites and enter your location for a list of nearby choices. 

 Why Choose DeliverCart Platform?

  • Ordering from DeliverCart is effortless and user-friendly, similar to online shopping for food and groceries. Their website allows you to browse various products, add items to your cart, and quickly check out.
  • DeliverCart stands out by offering a wide variety of products. It combines multiple stores, including renowned names like Aldi, Tesco, Booker Wholesale, Isa Halal, Express 24, and Azad Supermarket, all in one convenient digital space.
  • DeliverCart prides itself on selecting the best and freshest products for your orders. You can trust that your deliveries will consist of top-quality items.
  • As a welcoming gesture, DeliverCart provides a £10 discount on your initial purchase. This not only enhances your shopping experience but also helps you save money.
  • DeliverCart is committed to helping you save on your groceries. They frequently offer limited-time discounted deals on a wide range of products. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for these special offers to reduce your weekly shopping expenses.
  • Booker Wholesale, available on the DeliverCart platform, offers bulk purchase discounts. If you prefer buying in larger quantities, you can unlock additional savings, making it perfect for families or individuals who like to stock up on essentials.
  • DeliverCart caters to your specific needs with various delivery options. Whether you require same-day delivery for last-minute needs or prefer next-day food delivery to plan, DeliverCart has you covered.
  • DeliverCart provides a convenient and cost-effective shopping experience by offering free delivery for orders exceeding £40. You can shop from their website without worrying about additional delivery charges.
  • DeliverCart is committed to ensuring a positive customer experience. Their dedicated customer support team can readily address your inquiries and concerns. You can reach out anytime, and friendly, knowledgeable personal shoppers will assist you with your shopping needs.

In a nutshell, DeliverCart is more than just an online food shopping platform; it’s a gateway to a world of convenience, variety, and savings. Its unique offering of products from renowned stores like Aldi, Tesco, Booker Wholesale, Isa Halal, Express 24, and Azad Supermarket simplifies your shopping experience like never before.

By choosing DeliverCart, you’re not just saving money; you are gaining back valuable time and contributing to a more sustainable future. Switch to online grocery shopping with DeliverCart and experience convenience and savings.

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