Is Aldi Grocery Delivery Available in the UK?

Aldi is the fifth-largest retailer, with over 875 shops and 33,000 people employed. Aldi has attracted thousands of new customers annually due to super low prices and the variety of its brands that resonate with customers.

The discount retailer is dedicated to making every day extraordinary. Aldi provides the best value products for millions of families in the UK and Ireland in everything, including award-winning fresh food & groceries. Unlike their rivals Tesco & Sainsbury’s, there is no such thing as an Aldi home delivery service. Going to the local Aldi grocery store often results in long journeys and endless queues. It’s generally not the most enjoyable shopping experience.

If you want to do online shopping on Aldi and don’t mind picking up the shopping from the store, you can use the Aldi click & collect service. That does not help customers who want an Aldi online shopping delivery to their door.

The excellent news is Aldi groceries delivery is now available on the DeliverCart platform. There is no Aldi delivery fee when customers place an order above £40.

DeliverCart offers amongst the cheapest grocery delivery service in Birmingham that allows customers to order from Aldi, Tesco, Booker Wholesale, and local specialty stores. DeliverCart’s personal shoppers will fulfill their customers’ orders and deliver to their homes in as little as 60 minutes, keeping them informed all the way.

You can choose from over 20,000 grocery and household items from multiple stores. You can order everything from dairy products, fresh food, fruit & vegetables, snacks & drinks and all types of household items.

If you want Aldi delivery groceries, or if you’re going to order from Tesco & Booker Wholesale, download the DeliverCart App on Android or iOS or visit the DeliverCart website, and create a free account. You can shop to your heart’s content and browse from over 20,000 grocery and household items from the comfort of your own home.

Why get an Aldi Delivery?

Aldi will not be beaten by price. It constantly wins award after award for its quality and is fair to its suppliers and respect. It recognizes its responsibility to support reputable organizations like Team GB to demonstrate the value of health and well-being. That’s Aldi. It’s just amazing every day. What’s the reason why they do this? Aldi believes every person has the right to access cheap, nutritious, healthy food. It’s an obligation and not a right. Many customers asking, do Aldi deliver? have been left disappointed because they do not offer an Aldi order online service. That was until DeliverCart launched Aldi online delivery on their platform, allowing their customers to enjoy Aldi food delivery in the Birmingham area.

Its latest achievements and projects include:

Aldi is the UK’s most affordable supermarket. A study conducted by Which? Aldi is 19% less expensive on average than The Big Four supermarkets. The study tracked the cost of over 100 products in the eight largest supermarkets.

Aldi in the UK has signed a five-year agreement with Teenage Cancer Trust – its goal of raising £5m will help the trust reach every child with cancer within the UK.

Aldi is an official food store supplier for Team GB and ensures every Team GB member has access to healthy, fresh Aldi foods through monthly shop vouchers. Additionally, the Get Set to Eat Fresh education program teaches 1.2 million children aged 5-14 the advantages of cooking healthy, fresh meals. Aldi has been a team member since 2015 and recently expanded its support to the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

For the sixth time in a row, Aldi has been named the top-performing supermarket, respecting the Groceries Supply Code of Practice. That highlights its determination to ensure reasonable, consistent, and sustainable costs within the supply chain.

Aldi delivery in the UK is now available on the DeliverCart platform, which will continue Aldi’s impressive rise in the UK grocery sector.

Aldi’s Origins

The brand was established by the brothers Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht in 1946, the year they bought their mother’s shop in Essen. The company split up into two groups by 1960. Later, they became Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen in the city of Essen, and Aldi Sud, headquartered in Mulheim.

In 1961, Aldi owned more than 300 stores throughout West Germany – the brothers divided the company into two separate divisions following an argument over whether or not to offer cigarettes. Theo wanted to market cigarettes, but Karl thought they would draw thieves.

Karl was the first to take control of Aldi Sud, which ran stores across the southwest region of West Germany, while Theo assumed control of Aldi Nord, which operated stores in the northern portion of West Germany. Although the company was split, the two divisions were closely linked.

International expansion

In 1979, the Albrecht family trust purchased Trader Joe’s. Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
In 1962, the first store with the name Aldi, which stands for Albrecht Diskont (Discount) (Discount), was established, offering an assortment of products sold right off the pallets. The entire Aldi chain was later switched to the store model.

In 1968, Aldi expanded internationally by purchasing Hofer, the Austrian chain shop Hofer with about 30 outlets.

Aldi launched their initial US Aldi store in Iowa in the year 1976. The company has about 2,200 stores in 38 states, with over 25,000 workers. In 1979, the Albrecht trust belonging to the family of Albrecht the Aldi Nord bought Trader Joe’s, which now boasts over 500 locations across the US offering low-cost food items.

Aldi Sud runs stores in the US, UK, and Australia, as well as in the eastern part of Europe and Australia, while Aldi Nord operates stores in both southern and western Europe.

Aldi began its journey to its first store in Great Britain on 5 April 1990. The company launched its first store in Stechford, Birmingham, using its wholly-owned English-licensed company, Aldi Stores Limited. The store opened in October 2013. Aldi launched its 300th retail store in Great Britain. In 2017, Aldi owned more than 600 stores and opened the stores at an average of one per week. An article from February 2020 indicated that the business operated around 874 outlets across the UK and planned to add 1200 stores by 2025.

The year 2022 was the last time Aldi stores across Great Britain reported that due to the annually celebrated Veganuary contest, its sale of organic and plant-based food items was 50% higher in January than in January 2021. Then, in September 2022, it was discovered that Aldi was ahead of Morrisons as the UK’s fourth largest retailer with a 9.3 percent market share.

FAQ’s Section

Q: Does Aldi do home delivery?

Ans: The supermarket itself does not offer an Aldi delivery service. However, customers can use Delivercart for Aldi delivery groceries in Birmingham.

Q: How much is Aldi grocery delivery?

Ans: DeliverCart is the only platform offering Aldi online food shopping at present, and there is no charge for delivery orders above £40.

Q: Is Aldi grocery delivery free?

Ans: DeliverCart customers in Birmingham can enjoy free delivery on Aldi orders above £40.

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