What’s the cheapest grocery delivery service in the UK?

Delivery services for groceries have gained popularity in recent times. Amid hectic lifestyles and long work schedules, it’s no wonder many individuals are opting for food delivery & cheapest grocery delivery services available to save time and energy.

There are many options for grocery delivery in the UK. Customers can buy anything from fruit & vegetables to bathroom items and have the items delivered directly to their door.

The Value of Cheap Groceries Online

With the many options in the marketplace, it can be challenging to locate a service that offers the best of both convenience and affordability. Yet, by researching and comparing the prices of different service providers, such as DeliverCart &Tesco, you can quickly discover the service that is within your budget and provides high-quality items and convenient delivery.

In this article, we will look at the cheapest online supermarket delivery services in the UK while highlighting the ones that offer the highest value for money. We will also answer the important questions like Is Aldi grocery delivery available in the UK?

UK inflation hit a 40-year record, and increasing grocery prices are a significant worry. If you use the cheapest grocery delivery services, it will make life a little bit easier.

With a tight schedule, making time for grocery shopping isn’t always easy. Public transport may be an option, but carrying shopping bags on a bus is not fun.

This list of online stores will provide you with all the information you need to select the cheapest online food shopping solution for you:


ASDA is one of the best value supermarket delivery grocers in the UK. The Anytime Delivery Pass will allow you to get delivery for free.

Delivery charges: Starts at £3

Amount of spend required: Orders under £40 will be charged a £3 surcharge.

Delivery Pass: Yes

First-order deal: £20 off on a bill of £50

Rewards & loyalty schemes: ASDA Reward, ASDA student discount, etc.

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Sainsbury’s is not necessarily known as the cheapest supermarket for online shopping. They try to differentiate themselves based on quality & choice rather than being a cheap supermarket. Regular Sainsbury’s customers can save on home grocery delivery using their All-Day Delivery Pass and the Midweek Delivery Pass. Sainsbury’s also has the option to allow you to choose an environment-friendly delivery slot. The slot you select can be used when a delivery truck comes to your area to make another delivery. Utilizing a Nectar card from Sainsbury’s could also enable you to accumulate points that can be used to earn rewards in different stores such as Argos, eBay, British Airways and many others.

Cost of delivery: Starts at £1 for orders of more than £40. £7 for purchases between £25 and £40.

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery card: Starts at £10 for three months, then £18 for six months, and £30 for a year.

First order deal: £10 off on a £60+ bill

Rewards and loyalty programs: Sainsbury’s student discount

DeliverCartCheapest Grocery Delivery Provider

DeliverCart is arguably the best grocery delivery service in the Birmingham area. They provide on-demand grocery delivery with personal shoppers that will fulfil your order. Their unique platform includes prominent stores like Tesco, Aldi and Booker Wholesale. Currently offering grocery delivery in Birmingham, they are expanding rapidly with plans to cover the whole UK. You can choose from over 20,000 grocery and household items from multiple stores and get them delivered to your door in as little as 60 minutes. 

DeliverCart is on a mission to transform the way you order groceries and is counted in one of the UK’s cheapest grocery stores. They have a team of experienced personal shoppers that fulfil your order by shopping from national favourites and local speciality stores, bringing you the groceries you love right to your door.

They are an online platform with multiple stores where customers can browse and shop from many stores and receive their deliveries at once. Suppose customers want an Aldi grocery delivery along with their Tesco delivery. In that case, they can shop from both stores and select the same time for delivery, making the whole shopping process much more convenient.

You can explore Aldi home delivery services in the UK on this DeliverCart blog section.

Cost of delivery: Delivery is free if you order above £40. There is a £4.99 delivery fee and a £3 small order fee on orders below £40. 

Minimum spend: £20

First order deal: £10 off the first bill for new customers


Tesco is one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK, with a Tesco Delivery Saver Plan for regular customers. Delivery plans begin at £7.99 per month. The plan provides free delivery if your order is above £40. If you live with multiple flatmates and like shopping with them, it is possible to benefit by having this deal together. Keep in mind Tesco delivery slots available cost more in peak times, so there is a possibility of delivery costs going up in peak hours. Customers can use Tesco whoosh delivery services that offer same day delivery. However, the product range is limited.

Costs of delivery: Start at £3 – £7

Minimum spending: No minimum spend; however, there is an additional charge of £4 for orders less than £40.

Tesco delivery pass: The price starts at £7.99 per month for the option of a six-month contract

First order deal: None


The Co-Operative offers customers cheap online food shopping with free delivery for every purchase that is £25 or greater. It also depends on your location; simply type in Google, grocery delivery near me to find local variations on delivery fees. You may have to pay £5 for delivery if you are further away from the store.

Delivery costs: Start at 99p.

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery: Available through Deliveroo, UberEats and Amazon

Rewards & loyalty schemes: Co-Op student discount


Morrisons is amongst the cheapest online supermarkets in the UK. Regular Morrison customers can avail of their delivery service that guarantees no delivery charges and additional savings.

Costs for delivery: Start at £1.70

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery pass: The price starts at £5 per month then increases to £20 after six months, and then £35 over a year.

First order deal: £10 off on your first purchase above £50 . Additional £20 off for the subsequent three purchases.

Rewards & loyalty schemes: Amazon student discount


Iceland distinguishes itself as one of the cheapest food shop delivery services online, with free delivery for purchases of over £40. Be aware that orders under £25 will be subject to an additional delivery fee of £3. Another advantage of shopping online from Iceland is the £1 cashback for every £20 on your home grocery delivery purchase using the Iceland Bonus Card.

Cost of delivery: Start at £3. Delivery is free if you have a home grocery delivery order over £40

Minimum spend: £25

Delivery passes: Free grocery delivery is offered with an Iceland loyalty card (Iceland Bonus Card). Next-day delivery is free for orders over £40 (no cards, passes or points cards needed).

First-order discount: £5 off on a bill for £45

Rewards and loyalty programs: New customers get an Iceland student.


Waitrose distances itself from being known as a budget supermarket with cheap food. They offer an affordable delivery fee of £3 per order with every home delivery of groceries. They provide free delivery for orders over £40. Another method to save money is using the Waitrose card, which can offer significant savings.

Costs for delivery: starting at just £3

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery pass: None

First order deal: unknown

Loyalty and rewards scheme: MyWaitrose card and a Waitrose student discount


Ocado’s delivery service isn’t renowned as a cheap online supermarket in the UK, offering home delivery of groceries from Marks & Spencer. Offering 1-hour slots, all week long, and a 24-hour delivery service, Ocado delivery services are designed for people looking to save time and money. Ocado’s online store includes the advantage of a Smart Pass. The Smart Pass can help you save on your monthly online groceries bill by enjoying free delivery, a 10% discount on certain items, and even the opportunity to receive a present on your birthday with Ocado.

Delivery costs: Start at £0 to £6.99 depending on slot availability

Minimum spend: £40

Delivery pass: Yes, using Smart Pass

First order deal: £20 off your first home delivery of groceries over £60

Rewards and loyalty programs: Ocado smart pass for a free one-month trial. £8.99 after that, a 6-month pass for £49.99 annually priced at £89.99.


Q1. is home delivery cheaper than grocery store?

A1: Generally speaking; home delivery tends to be a little bit more expensive to cover driver & fuel costs.

Q2. what is the cheapest online grocery shopping delivery charge?

A2: The majority of grocery delivery services offer free delivery on orders above £40.

Q3. which grocery store has cheapest delivery?

A3: Delivery fees are waived above a minimum order amount for most stores.

Q4. which site has cheapest grocery delivery?

A4: DeliverCart offers free delivery from multiple stores at once, making it the cheapest grocery delivery service.

Q5. Which Grocery Delivery App is Best in the UK?

A5: Please click on this link to read an in-depth article which answers the question about the best grocery delivery app.

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